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The archive has a large collection of digital images and we offer a selection here. Should you wish to use any image in a presentation or publication we request that you ask for permission details; some images are not owned by the Archive and are watermarked accordingly.


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Queen's Hospital postcards


A large number of postcards were produced for injured men to send home or keep as a memento. This was not unique to the Queen's Hospital (see below) but the number of cards does appear to be larger than for most other hospitals. Several different sets were produced, as is evident from the captions and image frames.

Other hospital postcards

croydon wh

A selection of cards from around the UK, with some from France& Germany and views also of a number of hospital ships. Cards sent postally have their messages reproduced. The quality of the images varies; some are scanned from the Archive collection while some have been saved from internet auction sites. There are also a few comic postcards; more will be uploaded at a later date.


The Macalister Watercolours warning: these images show disturbing facial injuries

The Tonks pastels (first uploaded 21st June 2007)

This gallery contains the pastels created by Henry Tonks at Aldershot and Sidcup. The images are copyright of the Slade School and the Royal College of Surgeons and are watermarked accordingly. Comparison with the Macalister collection is interesting; the quality of the portraiture is quite different, with only Daryl Lindsay of the New Zealand section artists coming anywhere near Tonks in his portrayal of mood. I am grateful to Simon Chaplin for allowing us to upload the RCS images, some of which featured in a piece on BBC2's "The Culture Show" in November 2010.

A collection of cine films was removed from Queen Mary's Roehampton together with the personal slide and reprint collection of Sir Harold Gillies. These were recovered by Soho Images and digitised. You can see Sir Harold at work in these teaching films on rhinoplasty, (1 and 2) and cheek repair. They may take a while to load, being a minimum of 50Mb.

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